The Motorhome -  Stopover Vienna was planned, designed and built by motorhome drivers for motorhome drivers.


Despite the exorbitant land prices in Vienna, special emphasis was focused on generous circulation areas, comfortable curve radii, 2 central supply and waste disposal facilities and landscaped parking areas for motorhomes (even with trailers) with at least 5 m width and up to 20 m length.


From there the traffic areas on the Motorhome - Stopover at least 7 m up to 10,5 m wide and the entrance from the street to the Motorhome - Stopover 8 m wide. Behind the entrance there is a parking lane for arriving guests, comfortable 3,5 m wide and 40 m long.


The demarcation of each parking plot ends  about 3 m before the traffic routes, what makes parking of Motorhomes very easy.


Central sanitary facilities for men and women, with 10 showers, 10 toilets and 14 hand basins, and a own garden for dogs of our guests, complete the offer.


Plenty of seating furnitures in the reception area, form the center of the communication system at the Motorhome - Stopover Vienna.



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1230 Viennna, Perfektastraße 49-53

GPS: 48°08'13" N   16°18'57" E