One of the major advantages of traveling with motorhomes is the flexibility.


For this reason, we have built a motorhome parking space in Vienna, whose dimensions and capacity meet the needs of a European capital.


Reservations are only recommended for Easter, in August, around Christmas and over New Year.


During the rest of the year we have enough parking space available, a reservation is definitely not necessary, you can arrive completely relaxed and without sorrow.


If you would like to visit us during Easter, August, Christmas or New Year, you are welcome to make a reservation.


For booking please send us an Email with the following informationīs:

  • First name and surname

  • Period (from when until when you need the parking space)

  • Length of your Motorhome

  • License plate (if possible)

and you will immediately receive a confirmation of your reservation if there are still parking spaces available for the desired date. We ask for your understanding that during Easter, in August, over Christmas and New Year, we can only confirm pitch reservations for a minimum of 3 days.


By the way; a deposit is not required, your word is enough for us.


Should something happen so that you cannot come, we ask for immediate communication.


We always keep some pitches available for arrivals without reservations during the main travel times, but without guarantee of availability, as long as stocks last.


If you simply feel more comfortable when you have reserved a parking space even outside the main travel times, we will of course also confirm in this case your reservation request.


We look forward to welcome you in Vienna and wish you a pleasant and relaxed journey

Best greetings from Vienna

Your Motorhome - Stopover Vienna Team