Kiss the hand and warmly welcome at the Motorhome - Stopover Vienna, on which mainly two important rules must be observed:

  • Feel comfortable and enjoy your stay; and ....

  • if you miss anything to feel comfortable and to enjoy your stay, please inform us immediately!

To achieve this goal, we ask you to be considerate to the other guests so that everyone on our Motorhome - Stopovet can feel comfortable and enjoying the stay in Vienna. 


Above this there are some more practical rules to comply with:

  1. Guests of our Motorhome - Stopover recognize and accept the Place Rules, due to which the rental of parking space basis.

  2. The instructions of our employees is imperative to follow. Our employees are entitled to maintain order and security in the Motorhome - Stopover area and to refer offenders from the Motorhome - Stopover area.

  3. The use and driving on the Motorhome - Stopover area is at your own risk. At the total Motorhome - Stopover area, the Highway Code and a top speed of 10 km / h is applied. Any claims for damages against the operator of the Motorhome - Stopover Vienna are expressly excluded.

  4. Running of motors and/or generators at the Stopover area, is not allowed when the motorhome stands still, aout of consideration for the environment and the other guests.

  5. Registration has to take place during the opening times of our reception immediately on arrival. Guests arriving outside of the reception opening times, log on to the morning of the following day at the reception.

  6. The allocation of plots will be done during registration, by our staff in the reception, taking into account your individual needs..

  7. Guests arriving outside of the reception opening times are asked to release a pitch to the next guest if sufficient parking space is available. Orient yourself when choosing your parking space on the published schedules or on this website under "Stopover Plan". Parking of vehicles on the parking areas which are roped off, is not permitted.

  8. The parking fee is published in the price list of our Motorhome - Stopover, available in the reception and/or under "Rates" in this homepage.

  9. The parking fee and any additional costs must be paid by registration during our business hours at the reception. The site is on leave on the day of departure until 12:00 clock noon. For late Check out from 12:00 clock to 17:00 clock clock, a flat fee has to be paid (see "Rates")

  10. The facilities of the Motorhome - Stopover must be treated gently. The parking space must be left clean and tidy on departure.

  11. The disposal of waste has to be done solely in the waste containers provided for this purpose. The waste has to be separated into organic waste, glass and garbage, for which seperate containers are provided, or composting facilities on the area of the Motorhome - Stopover.

  12. Open fires and barbecues are, as well as the use of tents or awnings, not allowed on the plots.

  13. Pet owners have to ensure that the other guests are not inconvenienced and eliminate the feces of the animals immediately.

    For our guests with dogs we offer a dogs garden, where the animals can play and do their small and big "business". Inside the dogs garden a dispenser with free paper bags is located, for collecting the dogs feces by the dog owners and a garbage container to dispose the paper bags.

  14. The exercise of any trade, commerce, sales or ostentation, is not permitted on the whole are of the Motorhome - Stopover.