As mentioned in chapter Access by road, if there is stress in an Motorhome trip, this usually begins shortly before the finish.


The excellent location of the Motorhome - Stopover Vienna ensures a relaxed arrival from exit of the highway to the Motorhome - Stopover Vienna, whose entrance is so comfortable that you will love it.


1230 Vienna, Perfektastraße 49-53

GPS: 48°08'13" N   16°18'57" E






Directly from the two-lane Perfektastraße, easy to enter, the 8 m wide entrance offers plenty space even by oncoming traffic from very big Motorhomes.


Without threading, push back, maneuvering, waiting in traffic or similar challenges. Easier and less stressfull is hardly possible! Welcome at the 1. Motorhome - Stopover in Vienna.


Directly after the entrance you will find a parking lane for incoming guests on the right side, with a comfortable wide of 3,5 m and 40 m length. Park your Motorhome here and check in at the reception totaly relaxed.


Afterwards you drive on traffic roads, which are at least 7 m to 10,5 m wide, easy and still relaxed, to your assigned parking space, or before to the also easy reachable supply and disposal station.


Then there is only one thing to do; look forward to the countless sights of Vienna.

Kiss the hand,


Your Motorhome - Stopover Vienna Team