Motorhome - Stopover Vienna is in all respects one of the  biggest Motorhome - Stopovers in Europe, where planing had special attention  to the comfort of guests and combined herewith on a appropriate and pioneering ratio of the number of parking lots to service facilities.


Even if waiting times can never be completely avoided in peak hours, they should be reduced to a minimum at the Motorhome - Stopover Vienna.



Sanitation facilities


This begins at the sanitation facilities, which offer a number of sanitation equipment and space, that sets actual standards for Motorhome - Stopovers.




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Two separated sanitation buildings with generous exposure, each one for Ladies and Gentleman, ensure adequate capacity even at peak times and ful utilization.



Each sanitation building offers 5 seperate showers with locker areas. The 1. shower compartment in both sanitation buildings is designed as family shower compartment, so that even parents with babies find enough space.


The toilet area is separated from the shower area with a intermediate wall, and offers 5 toilets, whereby the 1. toilet is designed as a family toilet with enough space for parents with babies or disabled people.


6 hand wash basins und 3 - separated by a intermediate wall - urinals in the sanitation building for Gentleman and 8 hand wasch basins in the sanitation building for Ladies, complete the extensive - and for our guests free without additional cost - offer.


Supply and Waste Disposal Facility


The central supply and waste disposal facility at the Motorhome - Stopover Vienna is the next peculiarity in service.



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The supply and waste disposal facility with tail effluent is exclusively designed and produced for the Motorhome - Stopover Vienna. The peculiarity are 4 winterized tail effluents, with a length of each 2,5 m an a width of 0,5 m, which avoid complicated maneuvers.



Plenty of maneuvering space around the supply and waste disposal facility with tail effluent, enable supply and waste disposal for 4 Motorhomes at the same time and reduces waiting times.



Each tail effluent offers separate water supply for rinse and fresh water. The complete area is illuminated and equipped with fire extinguishers.




For our guests with cassette toilets the supply and waste disposal facility offers a separate station, where 5 disposal basins, each with flushing are available.



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Even this facility is illuminated, equipped with shelfs for caps an a tail effluent, so that little "misadventures" do not stink to heaven.




Over all 9 Motorhomes can dispose and supply at the same time.







Power Supply


Each parking plot has the opportunity for power supply from power stations, which are protected by 6 amp.

If you wish power supply, please book a comfort parking plot at our reception (see "Rates").




The whole Stopover area is covered by W-Lan.If necessary, W-Lan access can be booked at the reception for € 2,00 per Day.


Traffic Areas


The traffic areas are equipped with compacted special gravel, that provides driving and maneuvers even for heavy Motorhomes without problems.


Parking Plots


All parking plots are prepared also for heavy Motorhomes, green planted, divided and numbered. Sice of the parking plots are at minimum 5 m wide and 10 m long, up to 5 m wide and 20 m long.


Dogs Garden



For our guests with dogs we offer a dogs garden, where the animals can play and do their small and big "business".


Here are not only the dogs amazed!


The fenced dog garden is located next to the entrance and in front of the reception, where some garden seats invite for comfortable watch over the dogs. Inside the dogs garden a dispenser with free paper bags is located, for collecting the dogs feces by the dog owners and a garbage container to dispose the paper bags.




Waste Disposal


For waste disposal the Motorhome - Stopover Vienna offers compost bins for disposal of biowaste. The compost will be later used for soil improvement of the Stopover area. Residual waste can be disposed in several dumpsters next to the supply and waste disposal area.




Even Vienna is one of the safest capital cities worldwide, the Motorhome - Stopover Vienna is guarded in addition to the precence of our staff, by a video system.




The traffic areas are illuminated from twilight during the night, whereby the lightdesign insures easy walking or driving, without disturbing the quiet zones of the parking plots. Parking plots are illuminated discreet from lights at the energy stations.


In case of further questions concerning amenities of the Motorhome - Stopover Vienna, please contact us, we stay available for you.

Kiss the hand,

Your Motorhome - Stopover Vienna Team