Although a Motorhome - Stopover naturally does not offer the same the same scope of services as a campground, we endeavor to a range of services that can be expected from a modern Motorhome - Stopover in a European metropolis, according to our vision.


Welcome at the 1. Motorhome - Stopover in Vienna


which sets new standards in service in so many ways. Just look at this:


1230 Vienna, Perfektastraße 49-53

GPS: 48°08'13" N   16°18'57" E


Food and Drink:


Daily from 08:00 clock fresh pastries (bread) waits for you at the Town Hall Square (in the reception).


Have fun, enjoy your meal and

Küss die Hand die Damen, G´schamster Diener die Herren

Your Motorhome - Stopover Team Vienna